Jerry Earle

In 1981, Jerry attended his first NAPE meeting at the Leonard A. Miller Centre at the invitation of a co-worker. She was running for a position on the Local’s board of directors and wanted his support. At the meeting, his co-workers nominated and elected him for the board of the Local, and he’s been involved ever since.

Since 1998, Jerry has worked for NAPE as an employee relations officer. But for 17 years before that he was a NAPE volunteer. He started as a member of the board of the Miller Centre Local. For 17 years, he was a NAPE shop steward. From 1990-97, Jerry was president of the Health Sciences Centre HSS Local. While a Local president, he was the first to use grievance mediation for Hospital Support Staff within NAPE. From 1993-95, Jerry was NAPE’s Region 6 board member. And from 1995-97, he was NAPE’s Hospital Support Staff Component board member.

Jerry was a member of his component’s bargaining team in 1998. From 1993-98, he chaired NAPE’s Health and Insurance Committee. In 1997, he was elected NAPE’s Eastern Vice President. Jerry held that position until he came to work for NAPE as an employee relations officer.

Since 1998, Jerry has been NAPE’s Chief Negotiator for the Hospital Support Staff bargaining unit. He has represented – and won – many arbitrations for NAPE members. He has coordinated NAPE’s efforts for all votes ordered by the Labour Relations Board between NAPE, CUPE, and AAHP. In fact, as a Local president Jerry coordinated the first-ever such vote when the Health Care Corporation of St. John’s was formed.

Jerry was instrumental in introducing Alternative Dispute Resolution in NAPE’s health care components. He has developed and delivered training programs for shop stewards, including contract seminars.

On March 31, 2015, Jerry became NAPE’s president elect and officially became NAPE President on June 1 of the same year.

Jerry Headshot