2012 has been a very busy year for NAPE.  We continued to achieve success in many areas. We won several arbitration cases and appeals and numerous grievances.  At the same time, politicians and the business community are relentless in their attack on union members. NAPE has and will continue to fight this anti worker agenda.

Financially, we again delivered to the membership and have amassed a defense fund of over 20 million dollars, the highest ever recorded in NAPE’s history.

For public sector workers collective bargaining has been slow and drawn out. Government has publicly stated, since we commenced bargaining, that the province’s fiscal situation is not good. On the other hand the Premier and the Minister of Finance continue to give speeches indicating the province’s economy has never been better.

We have deliberated and strategized over collective bargaining. The interests of the membership are always paramount to us and guide us in our decisions as we move into a new year and new challenges, including at the bargaining table. We are ready to meet these challenges and I am confident with your continued support we will be successful.

For now we hope that you can rejoice in this special holiday season. Take time to relax and enjoy the presents that are most dear to us – our family and friends.  On behalf of the Board of Directors and Staff I wish you a Merry Christmas, and a New Year filled with peace, love, happiness and prosperity.