TO:      All Public Sector Members

FR:      NAPE President Jerry Earle

The government has submitted a letter to NAPE proposing their negotiators for the upcoming round of public sector collective bargaining.

The letter from Minister Cathy Bennett, states that they are looking to commence negotiations in September. To date, we have not received proposed dates for scheduling. Once we do and dates are set, we will update the membership.

Today, the Minister issued a press release regarding bargaining in which she states that invitations have been extended to NAPE and CUPE with others to follow.

As anticipated, we expect bargaining to begin in earnest in the coming weeks.

The road ahead will not be an easy one, but I am supremely confident that your bargaining teams, the NAPE staff negotiators assigned to each of your bargaining tables, and the Bargaining Oversight Committee are more than up to the task.

We will go to the bargaining table strong and united. We will negotiate with the goal of reaching fair agreements for our members. We have negotiated with employers, governments, and lawyers across this province for years. We are ready to be strong, but we are also ready to be fair.

We will update the members on bargaining to the extent that we are able, throughout the process. Updates will be sent to Local Officers and Shop Stewards for distribution, posted on the NAPE website, and on Facebook.

Remember – there is strength in the union, but only when we stand united.

In solidarity,

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