Public Sector Bargaining Update 8

April 5, 2017


This is our eighth in an ongoing series of updates regarding public sector bargaining.

Update on Conciliation

As per our last update, NAPE was served notice that the provincial government had requested the appointment of a Conciliation Board for public sector bargaining. This occurred on Friday, February 24.

While NAPE is adamantly opposed to the concept that conciliation services are required this early in the bargaining process, we decided that it was the best course of action for our union to file for a Conciliation Board with the other groups that are currently at the bargaining table.

Unfortunately, in a bizarre twist, the Minister of Advanced Education, Skills, and Labour denied the Minister of Finance’s request for the services of Conciliation Boards for public sector bargaining. Instead, the Minister is appointing Conciliation Officers.

While a Conciliation Officer can present a report to the Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour after working with both sides, a Conciliation Board, consisting of three members, can work with both parties, file a report with the Minister that is made public, and make recommendations to resolve the outstanding issues at the table. Essentially, a Board has more power to help resolve a dispute in bargaining.

Conciliation Dates 

The following dates have been set:

April 4 to 7 – Student Assistants

April 5 to 7 – NLC

April 11 to 13 – Health Professionals, Workplace NL, Group Homes, Marine Services

April 18 to 21 – MOS, General Service, Ushers

April 26 to 28 – Air Services, School Boards, CNA Faculty

May 2 to 5 – CNA Support Staff, Laboratory & X-Ray

Hospital Support Staff (HSS) Collective Bargaining Update

After some disagreement regarding interpretation of the HSS collective agreement, we have finally set dates to commence bargaining with the employer for this group.

HSS Bargaining Dates: April 18 – 19

What’s next?

We will have to wait and see how the conciliation process plays out. As we have said before, we are fully committed to reaching a deal at the bargaining table. We are only hopeful that government has the same end goal in mind.

We will continue to update the members on bargaining to the extent that we are able, throughout the process. Updates will be sent to Local Officers and Shop Stewards for distribution, posted on the NAPE website, and on Facebook.

In Solidarity,

Ed Hogan, Senior Negotiator on behalf of the

Bargaining Oversight Committee