Not only do we understand the importance of educating our members themselves, we also believe in the role of education within the community. More specifically, we offer a number of scholarships to help dependents of our members’ families pursue further education.

2021 NAPE Scholarships Are Now OPEN

Subject to conditions outlined in Sections 1, 2 and 3 of this policy, there shall be twenty-three (23) scholarships awarded each year as follows:

Nine (9) Regional Scholarships each valued at $500

Ten (10) At-Large Scholarships each valued at $500

One (1) Emmanual Strickland Scholarship valued at $1,000

One (1) Max Dyke Scholarship valued at $1,000

One (1) William Browne Scholarship valued at $1,000

One (1) Paul Foley Scholarship valued at $1,000

Selection to be made by NAPE’s Education Committee subject to the approval of the Board of Directors/Executive Committee.

Selection to be based on the following:

(a)      Open to all students entering their first year of a Canadian post-secondary educational institution, full time, in the scholarship year.

(b)       Scholarships shall be awarded only on application.

(c)       Parent(s)/guardian(s) must be a member in good standing of the Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Public and Private Employees.

(i)         For the purpose of this section, parent(s)/ guardian(s) means and includes deceased, retired, disabled due to injury or illness, laid off subject to retention of seniority as per Collective Agreement.

(ii)        Subject to section (d) (i), any other employee who may incur a status or employment change through no fault of their own, i.e. reclassification to exclude them, etc. It is further understood that those employees will maintain their eligibility for scholarship benefits under this section to the end of the year in which the status change occurred.

(d)       Proof of attendance at post-secondary must be submitted before scholarship is awarded.

(e)       Applications for scholarships will be considered provided such application is received prior to July 15th of each year.

(f)        In any year if a Regional Scholarship is not awarded due to lack of applications, then it will be awarded at large.

(g)       For the nine (9) Regional Scholarships and ten (10) At-Large Scholarships each valued at $500, applicants must answer a multiple choice/true false Union base quiz.

(h)       Each Memorial Scholarship – Emmanuel Strickland, Max Dyke, William Browne, and Paul Foley valued each at $1,000, applicants who wish to apply for these scholarships will be required to provide a 750-1,000 word essay; the topic of which will be determined by NAPE’s Education Committee prior to the call for applications.  In the event that applicants who have applied for either of the Memorial Scholarships are not successful, they will automatically be entered for one of the Regional Scholarships or At-Large Scholarships.


Regional and At Large Scholarship Application form – CLICK HERE

Max Dyke Scholarship Application Form – CLICK HERE

William Browne Scholarship Application Form – CLICK HERE

Emmanuel Strickland Scholarship Application Form – CLICK HERE

Paul Foley Scholarship Application Form – CLICK HERE



NUPGE Scholarships

NUPGE Scholarships are available to NAPE members. There are eight (8) in total:

Brian Fudge Memorial Scholarship

  • Scholarship for Black Students
  • Scholarship for Indigenous Students
  • Scholarship for LGBTQI2S Students
  • Scholarship for Students of Colour
  • Terry Fox Memorial Scholarship
  • Tommy Douglas Scholarship
  • Young Worker Scholarship – 2 to be awarded

Applications for our scholarships are now online and they can be accessed at  More information about entry requirements can also be found on the web page.

DEADLINE CHANGE: Please note that the cut-off date for applications will now be August 13, 2021.



Johnson Insurance Scholarship

The Johnson Scholarship program provides 50 students across Canada with $1,000 scholarships.

Go to Johnson Scholarships to find out more.

Johnson Inc. 2021 Scholarships will be posted here

Building on our History of Supporting Customers and Communities

For many Canadian students, the jump from high school to post-secondary education is a thrilling transition into adulthood, but one that comes with new financial responsibilities.
At Johnson, we understand the challenges faced by students during their pursuit of higher education, and we are proud to offer scholarships to help them achieve their dreams. Since 1998, Johnson has awarded over 1500 scholarships valued at more than $1 million to support young Canadians coast to coast in pursuing their post-secondary education.

Johnson Insurance is pleased to offer 50 scholarships worth $1,000 each to eligible students completing high school in 2021 and starting post-secondary education in the fall of 2021. Qualifying children or grandchildren of NAPE members are eligible to apply and it is not necessary to be insured with Johnson for Home or Auto Insurance to make application.

Students must have completed high school in 2020 and must be beginning post-secondary education this fall.

Applications for the Scholarship Program will be open starting April 15, 2021. Completed application forms must be submitted by July 15, 2021 and must contain an official school transcript of final year credits.

For more information, or to apply for a Johnson Inc. scholarship, please call or visit 1.866.544.2673 |

CLC Youth Scholarship

The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) Young Workers Program and the United Way Centraide Canada (UWCC) are pleased to present the second annual CLC/UWCC Post-Secondary Scholarship.

The CLC and the UWCC are long-time partners in taking action to create prosperous, inclusive, diverse and respectful communities, safer workplaces, and a fairer Canada for working people. Last year, we created a post-secondary scholarship in recognition of the important opportunities college or university education can provide for young people.
Too often, these opportunities are out of reach for working-class people due to ever-increasing tuition fees.

This $2,500 scholarship is offered in recognition of the efforts and commitment of young workers across Canada who have demonstrated a commitment to positively impacting social and workplace issues in their community.

The deadline for receipt of applications is Friday, June 1, 2018.

Please see the application form for eligibility criteria:

Previous Recipients


Katie Gaudette

Corner Brook
Emmanuel Strickland Scholarship

Megan Noble

Max Dyke Scholarship

Miguel Shano

Outer Cove
Judge Wm. Browne Scholarship


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