Dear brother/sister,

Voting for public sector workers in fifteen public sector bargaining units concluded last evening. Votes took place province-wide over the past three weeks.

Overall, members of the public sector bargaining units, representing approximately 20,000 workers across the province, voted 88% in favour of accepting the agreement. The individual bargaining unit results are as follows:

Air Services 78%
CNA Faculty 76%
CNA Support 92%
General Service 83%
Group Homes 94%
Health Professionals 92%
Hospital Support 92%
Laboratory and X-Ray 93%
Maintenance and Operational Services 74%
Marine Services 91%
NLC 87%
School Boards 88%
Student Assistants 96%
Ushers 91%
Workplace NL 93%

This has been a long and especially difficult round of bargaining, so we are happy to reach this stage and see this overall result.

We will now work on getting the agreements signed as quickly as possible.

On behalf of myself, Secretary-Treasurer Bert Blundon, and the NAPE Board of Directors, I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to your bargaining teams, the Bargaining Oversight Committee, your lead negotiators, and all NAPE staff for their tireless efforts over the past two years in reaching this point – we would never have gotten here without their time, effort, perseverance, and dedication to our members.

I would also like to extend my sincere appreciation to all NAPE members for your support, encouragement, and unity during this entire process.

We are stronger together.

In solidarity,