Dear brother/sister,

Please share the following information with members at your local/worksite.

I am pleased to inform you today that all 15 public sector agreements have been officially signed off as of March 31.

This was the final step in a process that began almost two years ago.

It has been a difficult road, but one that we were able to navigate by working together


Signings began on March 2. We had bargaining teams in to proof their respective agreements throughout March.

We had to get the full teams – over 80 people in total – in for each session to go through the agreements in details and flag any issues or errors. Given conflicting schedules, travel arrangements, and other logistical issues, this was not an easy task.

This process takes time and cannot be rushed to ensure the accuracy of agreements.

Each team went through the agreements in great detail. There were some significant changes to the agreements in terms of language. As the smallest typo or omission could have significant implications or ramifications on the interpretation of the agreements, this process could not be rushed. Errors and omissions were sent to the employer, fixed, and sent back to the union for final proofing and sign-off.

The agreements were signed off by myself and Secretary-Treasurer Bert Blundon and the Minister of Finance, Tom Osborne, over the weekend (Saturday, March 31).


Now that the agreements have been signed off, we have assurances from the employer that request forms, general information, and an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document will begin to flow to members as early as today. Please keep an eye out for emails/memos from your employer with this information.

The FAQ document, in particular, provides significant information on the severance payout and process, including the ability to defer/freeze until a later date.

On behalf of our Bargaining Teams, Board of Directors, staff, and Secretary-Treasurer Bert Blundon, I would like to thank you for your support, patience, and solidarity throughout this entire process.

In solidarity,